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About Our Company

Since 1990, we have been an award-winning Hospitality, Restaurant and Foodservice Design Firm developing and working with successful clients and concepts. We understand the particular design requirements of the industry from appropriate and accessible flow patterns, ambiance and energy efficient lighting, material finishes, Fixtures, Furniture & Equipment specifications to code requirements.

With our unique backgrounds and expertise, we provide a sensitive response to your vision, project location, target market, service requirements and style, and menu while respecting architecture and budget.

We have been fortunate to work with a great number of hoteliers, restaurateurs and business owners such as yourself that have looked to us for imaginative, functional design solutions that work for their project.

Whether it is updating an existing establishment, remodeling or building a new property, we approach your project from the perspective of how the space can best be used to meet the needs of your brand, operations and aesthetic requirements all while staying attuned to changing industry trends governed by today’s sophisticated guests.


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Our Process

Opening a new or remodeling an existing establishment can be challenging.

Your project is unique and has its own set of requirements.

You may only want a Consultation or you may need services up through the Documentation Phase or you may require us to work with you all the way through the Construction Document Phase, but that’s up to you and, it’s best to know our process before getting started.


Great design starts by understanding your issues and asking a lot of questions such as….

  • What are your goals and desired outcome?
  • Who is your customer and community your project will serve?
  • What is the project’s scope of work?
  • What space do you intend to occupy?

Then, we provide you with customized design services based on the information you provide.


Here we dive into the details of your project and space, work on schematic layouts that support your goals and listen carefully to your input. During this phase, you will be reviewing….

  • Space plan options that includes preliminary floor finish, ceiling and lighting layouts that support the scope of work
  • Preliminary fixture, furnishing, equipment and finish material options

At the end of this phase, your space plan and preliminary design direction has been established.


Next, we develop and refine the design, capturing the look, feel and details by creating….

  • Digital design and finish material sample boards
  • Presentation elevations and/or 3D renderings

This information will enable you to visualize the end result as well as communicate required information to your architects, engineers and other design team members to help them with completing their work for your project.


During this meticulous, detail-oriented step, we produce technical drawings and construction documents for the use of permitting and build-out, and to guide every spatial detail.

At the end of this phase and based on your scope of work, we provide….

  • A full set of Construction Documents that include Fixtures, Furnishings & Equipment, Finish Material and Lighting Specifications and Custom Details
  • Fixtures, Furnishings & Equipment Specifications

These completed documents communicate the vital information to contractors, vendors and other project contributors for bidding purposes and the construction process.


Our extensive experience in construction and installation management enable us to confidently assess the construction phase of your project. We can provide….

  • Periodic site visits to watch over your project’s progress
  • Guidance as you work with your General Contractor, Sub-Contractors and Suppliers
  • Reviews of your contractor’s shop drawings and prototypes
  • Oversight during the Fixtures, Furnishings & Equipment installation process

We can oversee one or every aspect as your space takes shape, from demolition all the way to the final fixture and furniture installation, acting as the stewards of your vision and representing your best interests at every step.

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Our Mission

Serving the people who serve the world.

Our Vision

Envisioning a world where people from all corners of the planet gather together, share their lives and stories, learn from and support one another, and unite in community.

Our Contribution

We feel it’s important to give back so each year we contribute time, services and/or money to causes that make a positive impact on the world.

Our 2020 efforts are focusing on….

We encourage you to check out these worthwhile causes and do whatever you can to help them too.


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