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The Meeting

Preferably, we would like to meet in person at your desired location so we can get the lay of the land. If that’s not possible, we can meet elsewhere, our office, online or by phone.


The Discussion

Now is the time to get it all out in the open….
your hopes and dreams, project goals, intended location, target market, budget and time line.

Check out our Get Ready To Chat Checklist and FAQ’s & A’s below so you can be prepared for the discussion. This will help us see if we can be of service and get you where you want to go.


Contract Review

Once we have all the details and know we are the right team to help you, we will provide you with our contract for review. If you like what you see and you think we are a good fit for you too, then all you need to do is sign on the dotted line and we can get started.


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Get Ready to Chat Checklist

Opening a new or remodeling an existing hotel, restaurant, bar or club can be challenging so here is a checklist of items you should have available and ready to discuss to make your meeting with us as productive as possible.


Your project’s location or desired locations.


Provide existing or new drawings or construction documents associated with your location or locations, if available.


Your project’s concept.


Your goals and desired outcome for your project.


Your project’s scope of work.


Your project’s design aesthetic or images that help translate your vision.


Your business plan.


Your budget.


Your menu including beer, wine and spirits if they are part of your program.

FAQ’s & A’s

I am new to the hospitality industry and want to open a new establishment, what is the most important thing I need to know?

The hospitality industry is one of the most challeging businesses to be in so understand your goals, get your business plan and financials in order, know your budget and stick to them.

Why do I need a Foodservice Designer?

If you are starting or remodeling a food or bar service establishment, you need a Foodservice Designer who understands the nuances of a food and beverage environment (preferably having worked in them like we have), and knowledgeable about fixture and equipment details that will enable your spaces to work at peak performance.

Why do I need an Interior Designer?

You don’t. If you enjoy spending hours of your time researching….

  • materials
  • products
  • fixtures
  • furnishings
  • lighting
  • design, fabrication and construction details

….all while making sure they meet local, state and national code requirements, hold up in heavy duty working environments and protect the health, safety and welfare of your team and guests, then by all means.

If you don’t want to experiment, then you will want to work with an experienced Interior Design team like ours who will save you time, money and frustration.

Who should I have on my design team before I get started?

That depends on your project’s scope of work and best determined with a consulation with one of our team members because opening a new food or bar service establishment can be complicated.

At a minimum, you will be required to submit food service drawings to Environmental Health so a Foodservice Designer is recommended, and, depending on the complexity of your project and it’s location, you may have to go through the Building Department and other review agencies so you may need an Architect, Structural and/or MEP Engineers and Interior Designer.

And, if you’re opening a club, you should consider adding a Lighting Designer and an Audio/Visual Specialist to your team.

If I have to submit plans to the Building Department, can I just hire an Architect to do all the design work and submissions?

You can, but would you have a general health care provider deal with a heart condition or hire a defense attorney for a divorce? It is possible, but we wouldn’t suggest it. 😉

Having the right team members for your project can save you time, frustration and money.

How do you charge?

Every project is unique and we charge based on your specific project requirements.

We will provide you with a Contract that spells out all the details and costs involved before we put pen to paper or, in our case, lines on the computer screen.

How long will my project take to design and build?

Again, it depends on your project’s location, scope of work and design complexity so check with us before signing a lease to save yourself a lot of headaches.

As an example: an existing accessible empty single story space with no demolition required, an already developed concept and menu for a casual dining and bar experience, and quick decision making clients who already have a General Contractor could take approximately….

  • 3-4 months for completion of a full set of Architectural, MEP, Foodservice and Interior Design Construction Documents.
  • 3-4 months for overlapping submittals to local regulatory agencies while simultaneously submitting plans to their General Contractor to bid out.
  • 2-4 weeks for the bidding review and approval process.
  • 4-5 months for construction.
Can you help me put together a design team?

Yes, we have worked alongside and collaborated with a wide range of Hospitality focused Architects, Engineers and specialists.

Once we know your project’s details, we can provide you with a list of those we think will best suit your needs.


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